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It's A Dog's Life

I wrote It's A Dog's Life after having a stroke, it took me two years to complete while I was recovering.  I am proud of this book and it help my recovery as I believe by forcing myself to attempt to think it kept my brain active.  I do not have medical proof that writing helped but I continued to write and improve.  I saught a traditional publisher for self esteem, I wanted to know that someone thought my book was good enough to publish.  Thank you Publish America


It's A Dog's Life

Short stories written in the dog's prespective.  Enjoy  Adventures not available to humans.  Bury treasure, chase and intruder, save a life, and discover how silly humans can appear to animals.  Don't forget you must run for your life!

Lord Tricking

Lord Tricking is a Romance, Intrigue, with mystery adventure.


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Publish America

My publisher is Publish America. You can click here and visit their site

Publish America


Lord Sirius

I will add the release date here.


These are some of the stories I am working on  Terrible Two


and More coming soon. <br><br>

As for my Bio:

I am a wife of a blueknight, (police bike club) a mother, and friend. I enjoy people and hope to meet all of you one day. I went to two tech collages, I am a Hair Dresser and retired real estate agent. I have worked at a shoes store and a tire store, and hotel as the front desk clerk. I loved all of my jobs. I had two strokes and was forced to retire from public works, so I finally had time to devote to writing, something I have always wanted to do. I have been recouping for five years, I am finally doing great, BUT I need help getting my writing career going, so please consider buying a copy of my books. They have gotten great reviews. I still study all the time, I guess I will never get out of school.  I hope to write mystery and contempory soon.

Please come back to see what is new in the future. or send me your email address and I will keep you updated. but I do not have a reg. newsletter.

Terrible Two is short stories about Twins.<br>

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