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March 22, 2010

I haven't linked this site to my other Adult Romance Website  but you can find it easily  at  www.belitarenn.com  click here to visit and it should take you to that site.  I need to cross link the two site for easy transfer back an forth. I haven't merged them into one site on purpose because some people will not wish to visit the Adult Romance site.   With today's romance market being as it is there is so much cross over between the two that most people don't think anything about it, but there is enough difference in my books because of language.  There is stronger language in the adult books than in romance books, the publishers don't require it but the reviewer do.  It is the reviewers that set the standard on what is required in the adult romance, so if you want change talk to the reviewers.

Have you heard of the new site where we can talk called Talkshoe,  gotta check into that soon. I believe it is like a radio show that you can talk to the host.  Could be wrong, but I am gonna find out.  I am new to blogging so I hope I...


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