Chapter 1 Lord Sirius


Lord Sirius by Kim Parson

Chapter 1


England 1821     

She is a mental yawn; young and boring as all debutantes are with their simpering, or nervous chatter.  He was certain of it now that he had spent some time around her. Still he felt he could bear looking at her over the breakfast table. At thirty-three years of age Spencer Kenneth, Earl Sirius had decided to give in to demands of his rank and take a wife.  He was disappointed the lady was not bold, as he had hoped. However, after an expectation adjustment he was resigned. One cannot reasonably expect to have all favorable traits in one woman.  Logically for him to keep a mistress was prudent.  It would have been excellent to have a wife I could enjoy as well as one with good breeding and reputation.  His mouth flatted in disappointment. He did object to separate women; it was an inconvenience to divide his time between two women that he did not wish to endure.  More important, it was preferable to the alternative of endless boredom with one dull woman.

     There was a minor hitch in his plans. The lady of his choice appeared not to have an interest in attracting his attention.  In truth he was beginning to believe that she was avoiding him a purpose.

     Spencer lounged against the pillows on his bed in the darkened guest chamber of Lord and Lady Hillary’s elegant manor.  Gazing through the windowpanes at the dim flickers of starlight in the night sky, he pondered the particular behavior of Miss Victoria Overman. 

She had managed to avoid a private conversation with him since her arrival at the mansion.  It was not possible that she had discovered he specifically asked if she would be present before accepting the invite.  Hillary would not expose his interest.  Therefore, the lady was not playing coy.  It intrigued him that she appeared to be avoiding him.  This was not normal behavior he had come to expect from a debutante without a tender for a particular gentleman.

The sound of his chamber door opening startled Spencer from contemplation.  Shifting his head on the pillow he watched a female figure moved quickly through the opening with her back to him and close the door.  Turning with a candle held before her the light illuminated the oval face of the lovely Miss Victoria Overman.

Discovering the woman of his thoughts in his private chamber he was startled, but pleased.  He lay against the pillows to wait for an explanation.  Why had the foolish chit risked discovery and loss of her reputation by entering the sleep chamber of a man?  While he was curious about the reason she had chosen him to visit in the night, he was also confused, as the behavior was beyond the normal retiring attitude she had displayed in previous week.  Perhaps the young lady was the secretive gem he had first believed, and not the dullard she had proved to be during their short association.

 The glow from the candle flame brought out the gold highlights in the brown hair flowing around her shoulders.  The soft length reached her waist with dangling tresses curled on the ends in inviting disarray.  Her pink lips and petite nose in vivid relief in the candlelight were not remarkable; until combined with the sparkling deep green of her eyes outlined by dark lashes with the wisp of eyebrows.  The combinations were arresting.  Her complexion would not support the blonde hair color that was all the rage.  More important, she would not shame any gentleman that had the brunette on his arm.  He admired her lovely features as a sight restored blind man absorbed his first view of beauty. 

In his mind’s eyes her face was flushed the lips parted and swollen after kissing. Her eyes were glazed with desire, submission, and demand. The soft lips caressing, thrilling, and provoking him to ultimate passion. Her hands stroking his body, moving quick and demanding, then slow with unquenchable desire over his form, invoking, and satisfying lust. His muscles clenched, his manhood stirred.

It was all there in the depths of her eyes, a strong passion waiting to be stoked.  He had seen it when she danced with him two weeks past at the Ackerman ball.  He had hoped this week of close association would provide the needed time to assure his interest was returned before approaching her father. Instead she has avoided me.

Generally ladies fawned over him in an attempt to capture his interest to gain his title and monies.  Miss Overman had no idea her acts to avoid him, and now invading his private domain merely increased his pricked interest.    

His gaze swept the lady crossing the room in his direction.  She lifted the candle away from her body for a better view of the room. The light outlined her rounded bosom and the narrow waist cinched with a tied belt.  The red flowing robe caressing her frame had been a brilliant stratagem of the designer.  He doubted the lady realized the sensual effect of her clothing; the material tantalizingly stroked, revealed, and concealed luscious curves.  

A deliciously shaped leg appeared in the slit of the robe, as she took a step in the direction of the bed. Enthralled by minute details of her sensual movements he noted with shameless pleasure, the lady flaunted conventional sleep-gowns. An unwed miss in a sleep-gown not concealing from neck to toe was an unusual occurrence.  Pleased by the discovery that Miss Overman concealed a darker secret side, his loins tightened; his manhood twitched in anticipation.  It appeared his learned opinion of Miss Overman needed adjustments. 

 Victoria’s scent lightly sweet and fresh with mint wafted to his nostrils. He inhaled her deeply, savoring her essence.

“Vivian,” she whispered in soft musical tones. “I have been thinking, and I cannot allow you to do it. Please agree with me.” She moved closer. “Or I shall be forced to speak to Lord Sirius. Vivian are you awak--?”

The circle of light illuminated his male form reclining against the pillows. Her words end in a startled gasp.

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